Contactless Loyalty Program Outline

We have taken some steps to help transition into an almost contactless world as it regards to our loyalty program and how our card holders can claim and redeem their points.

Below is a step by step outline to help explain how you can claim your point for your round and how you can redeem your reward once you reach 10 rounds played.

After you open your app press on the Loyalty Program tab

Once the page loads, press Punch on the appropriate program. The code you will be provided will only work for the program it was issued for.

Example; if you checked in for your round, press the punch button on the 18 Hole Program.

Enter the code located near the bottom of your receipt and press the punch button one more time.

Here is an example of where you will find the Loyalty Code the Golf Shop issued for you. Reminder, the code will only work for the corresponding program. Codes cannot be redeemed for another program.

After you have successfully entered your code, you will receive a thumbs up confirming you received your point.

How to Redeem

Once you’ve earned your reward you will have a limited amount of time to redeem it. When you are ready to redeem your reward, open your app and press on the Loyalty Programs tab.

The rewards that are available to be redeemed will be located at the top of the screen. Press this icon to redeem it. This icon will also show you when the reward will expire.

The golf shop staff will only accept rewards on the day they are redeemed. Rewards must be redeemed in person in the golf shop. No refunds will be issued if your tee time has been prepaid online.

After you have successfully redeemed your reward your will see this confirmation and the icon will disappear after a few moments.