Pro Tips

Impact Position

Don walks you through the difference between your address position and your impact position.


Chip your way to lower scores with these simple tips from Don Graham


Follow these simple tips to improve your pitching and lower your score.

Proper Pitching Rotation

Properly rotating while pitching will lead to more birdies

Pitching Distance Control

Learn how to control your distance inside of 75 yards.

Distance Control while Putting

Controlling your distance while putting will prevent 3 putts. Grab a towel and give this drill a try.

Crisscross Drill

Applying this simple drill to your practice routine will help ensure you’re rotating correctly.

Guaranteed Draw

Straighten out your slice with the guaranteed draw

Proper Take Away

The correct take away can make a big impact on your swing and overall game.

One Arm Drill

Using this one arm drill with your driver can help you improve your impact and increase consistency.

Half Swing Drill

Doing this half swing drill will help you control your hands at impact. Give it a try!

Proper Grip

Gripping your club correctly is one of the most important parts of your swing. Don demonstrates how to hold your club correctly.